So, my brain's always working. Brian can fall asleep within seconds of his head hitting the pillow and he's surprised that I can't. But my brain needs time to wind down. Within moments of waking in the morning, my brain's already thrumming away, generating new thoughts.

Such was the case last night. Now, it's not that I don't have plenty of writing-related ideas already. But my mind is the mind of a storyteller. Last night, an idea came to me, and I spent a good portion of time brainstorming. While I've never been a particularly huge fan of the vampire genre, this idea is a vampire story. Though I can't say I've read a vast variety of vampire books, I'm thinking that my idea is kind of unique. With a genre that's so popular, coming up with an idea that stands out can somtimes be a challenge.

The problem now becomes the question of when. When do I write this book? I'm still working on Seeking (book two in the Naturals trilogy). So, I'd like to finish this series before I divert my attention. But, after this series, I'd been planning to revise an old, old MS--The Crystal Society, which I originally finished back in the ninth grade. But now I'm thinking I might bump that project in favor of the vampire story (tentatively titled Hunger--too on the nose?).

But, I guess it's better to have too many ideas than too few, right? I just wish I were faster at getting things written! Like a recently told a friend, if I could choose an offbeat super power, it would be the ability to touch a keyboard and cause a book to appear in its completed form on the computer. If only, right?