Shifted began as a one-off exercise for a writing challenge (write a book in 8 hours). I wrote what is now Part 1 of the book SHIFTED and fell in love with the characters and the world. I hope you will, too! The Shifted Series has a vibe similar to Supernatural or The X-Files.

Originally written in short (10,000-20,000 word) installments, The Shifted Series is now rebranded and repackaged. Until November 2016, only 6 "episodes" (now parts) had been published. In case you've been reading since the beginning, be aware that Book 1 in the series, Shifted, contains the first 4 "episodes," while Book 2, Tangled, contains 5 and 6, along with the newly published 7 and 8. The next installment will contain 4 more parts (9-12).

(Originally Shifted: Episodes 1-4)

Everything Leigh Evans thought she knew is wrong.

A grisly discovery on the night of her high school graduation reveals a world she never imagined. Shapeshifters, evil spirits, magic—they’re all real, and dangerous.

Peter Monroe knows the truth and has spent much of his twenty-one years training to hunt and destroy the things that give people a reason to be afraid of the dark.

When tragedy forces Leigh to seek justice, Peter agrees to train her. But Leigh’s inexperience could cost her life. And Peter’s secrets could put him in more danger than can imagine.


(Contains Shifted: Episodes 5 and 6)

After exacting justice for their loved ones, Peter and Leigh hope to finally put their past behind them.

But the past won’t let either of them go. Leigh is confronted with a startling revelation about someone she thought she knew, and Peter can’t clear his sister from his mind.

The present is no less complicated, with new threats at each turn. Leigh is desperate to prove herself, but her growing attraction to Peter is a distraction. After Leigh crosses a line, can the two move forward in their professional relationship?