Unfortunate Souls

The Little Mermaid. Aladdin. Rapunzel. Sleeping Beauty.

You've never heard their tales told like this before!

In this series of reimagined fairytales, the characters you love will experience adventures they never could have imagined!


She longs to be part of his world. He desires to be anywhere else.

In a world where uncommon powers are feared by ordinary people, seventeen-year-old Aria must hide who she is or risk being shipped off to a detention facility for people with abilities—for aberrations like her.

Enrique Martinez is tired of having every moment of his life live-streamed to eager viewers. When he learns the cameras will go dark for forty-eight hours, he vows to break the rules and have the adventure of a lifetime—if even for only a day.

When Aria’s ability to breathe underwater is discovered, her life collides with Enrique’s, entangling their fates. Swept up in a global deception, Aria must choose between her safety and her desires, between her family and the life she’s always wanted.