back in the saddle... almost

Well, my computer's finally working again, which means I've got access to Seeking again. Here's the problem: I'm having trouble getting back into the groove of writing.

While I've been away from the draft, I've realized that some things need to change in the pacing. I was feeling it while I was writing it before, but as I was able to get some distance from it, it became more apparent.

But now, I'm having trouble rearranging things. I think I just need to lock myself in my office for a few hours.

It's just a little disheartening. I was thinking that once the computer was fixed, I'd be back on the road to writing.

Yeah, I know I'm whining a little. Perhaps I should be locking myself in my office instead of blogging right now, huh?

In any event, I'm seeking feedback from my BFF Rachel Schurig about the draft so far. I hope she can give me some points to get me going.

Until then I'll be grading papers and watching Cats 101. Don't judge.