So, I'm to the point in the drafting process where I feel like I've written most of what needs to be written. I know there are holes, I know that little things (and big things) still need to be added. But I've got a beginning, a middle, and most of an end.

In short, my dears, I'm drawing dangerously close to having a completed draft.

*insert happy dance here*

Right now (metaphorically, of course, as clearly I am writing to you right now), I am reading through what I have so far, making notes and catching simple errors. I'm getting a sense for where there are timeline issues and where I need to add information that I always intended to add but haven't yet gotten around to. I'd like to be 100% done with this initial draft by Friday--and it just might happen because my wonderful and amazing mother-in-law has chosen to come visit for part of next week, which means I might be able to steal away for some unfettered work time.

In other news, in a couple weeks I'm planning on attending another book signing with Mary Twomey and Sara-Beth Cole. I'll be sure to post the info here when I have more of it so that if any of you are local, you can come visit!

And in completely unrelated news, next weekend I'll be taking a motorcycle safety course. Since middle school, I've always had a secret desire to ride a motorcycle. Well, my husband has one now, so there's no time like the present to learn how to ride one--the safe way. I'll let you know how that goes...

Okay, it is rapidly approaching my bedtime (darn you, 5 a.m. alarm!). Looks like no Dawson's Creek for me. And no My Cat From Hell either (good thing I recorded it!). Also, I should probably close out my Vistaprint windows (there's another Groupon, y'all!).

I have an addiction.