new cover

By the way, I've decided to change the cover for "Shifted." Now that I succeeded at the "challenge" of getting everything done in 8 hours, I can go back and tweak things. I've changed several grammatical errors, and now, there's a new cover!!

Available for Kindle!

You noticed it, didn't you? Of course you did, clever girl (or guy): It says "episode 1." No, we're not talking Star Wars here (though Ris Perry would love it if we were), we're talking episodic serial. I had so much fun writing about these characters and this world that I want to continue.

Okay, there are a few inherent drawbacks: One, I hadn't even thought about these characters until less than a week ago, so I'm still learning about them and their world and their story. So, plotting, etc, will take a bit of time before I can move forward. Oh, and I'm still finishing The Naturals trilogy too. So, give me some grace as I get all this worked out--along with the added bonus of school starting tomorrow and me having to get back to my "real" job.

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