changes on the horizon

So, some big changes in my life right now. I'm pretty excited, actually. 

My day job is as a teacher. This year, though, teaching has been tougher than usual. So, here's the change: I'm about to go down to part time at my real job, and I'm about to devote much of that extra time to writing. 

To say I'm excited about this change is an understatement. Don't get me wrong: I'm sad to be saying this temporary farewell to half my classes. I'm fighting the creeping sense of failure at not being able to be Super Woman and handle everything that's on my plate plus all the things I want to put there. But I'm okay with it. I need this change, at least in the short term. 

In related news, I'm thisclose to having Becoming (The Naturals: Book Three) ready for publication. And I've got an episode and a half of SHIFTED written. Honestly, I haven't felt this awesome for a while. 

So, friends, exciting things on the horizon. Stay tuned for updates. Sign up for the mailing list so you can know immediately when new books are ready for you!