things I do when I'm supposed to be writing

Right now, I'm facing down doing some revisions to Episode 5 of SHIFTED, which means I want to do anything but. One of my least favorite things is cutting out words I've written and replacing them with new ones, even when I know the new ones will be so much better.

Lots of exciting stuff going on since last time I posted. Most importantly, of course, is that my daughter turned 2 earlier this week. And there was thundersnow here in the D yesterday.

Oh, and I got the draft of Crystal Magic: Clearwater Witches Book One to the editor on Wednesday.


I'm really excited that the draft of Crystal Magic is done, and I'm really excited to get the edits back (which probably won't be for another couple weeks, and, let's face it, I'll probably be a lot less excited when I see the mountain of work that awaits me). I'll hear from my editor this weekend on the projected turn around time, but I'm still hopeful for a March launch.

Things are moving fast right now, and contrary to that being a bad thing, I feel very liberated. Taking a cue from my friend Rachel Schurig, I mapped out a writing schedule for the rest of the year. If I'm able to stick to it (and we'll see how well that works once I get edits back), it's possible that I'll be able to write 8 books this year (with the rest of Season One of SHIFTED counting as one book). EIGHT BOOKS. Part of me thinks that's insane--I mean, in the past it's taken me a solid year between books. But the fact is that I've already got one book with the editor. And writing episodes of SHIFTED is typically a quick process. And though I've scheduled 6 whole weeks to work on When I Need You, it's possible that I won't need that long because so much is already written.

For the first time since August 2011 (when Awaking was published), I actually feel like an author.

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And you should tell me to stop writing this blog entry and get back to, you know, being a writer.