epic win

So, the last two days have been excellent for writing

I'm going back to work starting Tuesday. (Back to work for three weeks before summer vacation. A little ridiculous, but it's actually okay with me.) To prepare for this, I went in for a few hours on Thursday--just to make sure I could actually wake up and get there on time, you know? But when I got home, I learned that my daughter had been screaming for an hour, even though her dad and grandpa were there with her: Apparently even though she would take a bottle at night--and indeed did so Wednesday night--she would not take one in the morning.

So, yesterday, my dad sent me out of the house so he could try again to get her to take a bottle. I sat at Starbucks for quite a few hours and wrote almost 3,000 words. Yesterday didn't go very well (though the girl did take a bottle after thirty or forty minutes), so my dad sent me out again today. I wrote over 3,000 words today and... wait for it... finally passed the 50,000 word mark!!

Now, while Awaking is around 65,000 words and I assume Seeking will be of a similar length, I'm not naive enough to think that all I need to do now is write around 15,000 more words. I know I'm going to have to go back and fill in some things (for example, while I've been working on the climax the last two days, I'm not actually there yet in the story). I've also got some revamping and revising to do (I'm still not crazy about the pace at which the story is unfolding).

But the fact is, I'm moving forward. And I'm getting closer.

It's a good feeling.

And, on a side note, remember my friend Mary E. Twomey and her upcoming series The Saga of the Spheres that I mentioned before? Well, if you haven't yet, check out her epic trailer here. Remember, it goes on sale June 1, and it'll be something great to read while you're patiently awaiting Seeking!