I've written 1,046 words today. That's more than I've written in some time. In fact, I can't actually remember the last time I've written that many words in a day. (Not that that means anything; I can barely remember last night. I suppose not having slept for more then 4 straight hours in the last few weeks has messed with my memory.)

I did a little math (because I find comfort in simple math sometimes) and realized that if Seeking ends up being the same length as Awaking (approximately 65,000 words), and if I write 1,000 words a day, I can have this draft done in 22 days. Of course, if I can get 2,000 words a day, that's 11 days.

I'm not really sticking myself to any kind of timetable here. I've been lucky tonight because my daughter went down at 7:30 and has been asleep since (it's nearly 10 now). I'm hoping that during the summer I can get two hours a day to write. We'll see how that goes!

It just feels really good to have written so many words today. I'm sure they're not all good words, but at least I'm moving forward. I've actually jumped ahead to the climax of the novel (which is what I did with Awaking). I hope doing that will get the juices flowing, so to speak, and that I'll be able to get moving from there.

In other news, my friend Mary E. Twomey (find her on Facebook here) will be publishing her Saga of the Spheres (a series of four books) beginning June 1st. While you're waiting for Seeking to be completed, you could spend some time checking out her books! They're young adult fantasy, too!

And if you're into chick lit, my friend Rachel Schurig's new book, In Search of a Love Story, is now available for Kindle! I'm only in, like, chapter four, but it's really good so far!!